What Helps – From Our Community – Shan You
How Can I Best Take Care of Myself?

What May Help

Personal stories from people in our community who have been affected by mental health issues and/or stigma in one way or another.

Exercise regularly

Exercise regularly

Get enough rest and sleep

Get enough rest and sleep

Eat a balanced and healthy diet

Eat a balanced and healthy diet

Practice mindfulness

Practice mindfulness

Talk to someone you trust

Talk to someone you trust

Be supportive and allow support from others

Be supportive and allow support from others

Volunteer to help others

Volunteer to help others

Be kind and compassionate to yourself

Be kind and compassionate to yourself

Seek help from a mental health professional

Seek help from a mental health professional

What Helps - From Our Community

Help others by sharing what is helpful for you when you are feeling stressed, down, anxious and/or overwhelmed.

Sit still in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Imagine being transported to your dream place of comfort and...

Aurelia's Story

Whenever I felt overwhelmed, I plugged in my earpiece and listen to my favorite music. Music that is slow and...

Wendy 's Story

I do things I like and do regular exercises every day. Sweating it out makes me feel good and well!

Kay's Story

Support and encouragement from my family and friends. Maintain good relationship with them.

Joanne's Story

Buy a variety of food and enjoy them at home. Family and friends should support and care for one another...

Mdm Lau's Story

Sit by myself in silence and think about what matters to me - my family. In my family, issues usually...

Mr Teo's Story

Go out with friends and have some fun. Don't let yourself be alone in one place - the more you...

sheryle's Story

Having a faith helps a lot. Knowing that you are very much loved and worthy individual!!! You are not alone....

JL's Story

I will play games with my friends and my brother in the playground

klein's Story

Exercise, listen to music, talk to family and friends

Clara's Story

Go out and makan! Take a bus and go on a sightseeing tour to see Singapore. Make yourself feel happy.

Ellen's Story

Take a break, take a nap or do the activities that I enjoy doing

YuZhen's Story

Call my friend and talk. Or meet them for a chat. Talk to my family about it. I am close...

Audrey Chelliah's Story

Doing exercise. Seek for help from friends, family members, or professional help. Do relaxation exercises.

Michelle's Story

Always be with friends, and speak out the problem!

Peter Wang's Story

I do deep breathing exercise or go for a run

Aaron 's Story

I will find my friends to go out and shop with them.

Wong Gan Sum's Story

I will go out with my friends, bring them out and talk to them!

Oh Ah Leck's Story

Go for a run, play basketball, talk to a friend, do meditation, listen to music.

Jesslyn's Story

Go to bishan community club to exercise and go for outings!

Koh Suey Kiao's Story

When I am stressed, I take a moment to step back and a few deep breaths to calm myself down

WJ's Story

Exercising, singing, sleeping

Thia's Story

开心 daily Exercise and don"t think much Smile

Helen Ohh's Story

Going for a jog, listen to my favorite music, doing deep breathing! :)

Angela's Story

Exercise and breathing slowly

Jas's Story

Tell a family member and have a great talk about it.

Bumpie's Story

Do exercise and play games to destress

LC's Story

Exercising and speaking to someone

Sabn2ks's Story

I like to jog when I feel distressed. Jogging is a good mean as my focus will on how many...

Yohoohaha's Story

Sit down, relax your jaw, shoulders and focus on your breathing. Then watch a show or read a book that...

Christine's Story

Talk to someone you can trust, anyone. It helps to have a listening ear. Do not fear being judged because...

Joshua Lim's Story

Yoga and going outside for long walks. Breath fresh air and enjoy nature — life is beautiful, smile and relax...

Tessa's Story

Have a relaxed walk at the park to sweat it out !

Tristram's Story

When I feel stressed, I will want to go to the beach to have some sea wind, sleep, listen to...

Jeffrey's Story

Listen, Talk positive, believe

Chat 's Story

Take a walk. Talk to my friends.

Mdm Hong's Story

Always stay positive and keep yourself occupied!

Mandy Law's Story

Stay positive and also look on the bright side..

Kelvin Tan's Story

Try not to be alone and do something else to forget those feeling, but sometime the best thing we should...

Rainie C.'s Story

Take a breath. Feel the ground beneath you.. and the space above you.

Sassy's Story

I like to do sports when I’m stressed to relieve my stress from studies. Different people have different ways to...

Chee Hong's Story