Stories from Our Community – Shan You

Stories from Our Community

Personal stories from people in our community who have been affected by mental health issues and/or stigma in one way or another.

I was under depression when I was pregnant due to my husband was in heavy grumbling hobby and my sick...

Jess's Story

I was depressed and suicidal for some time a few years ago. I was scared to seek help because I...

Angela's Story

I lead a healthy lifestyle. I communicate with others and build my self confidence. Nothing is impossible.

Faith 's Story

My brother high schizophrenic episodes while studying overseas under PSC scholarship. Came back and was told that his bond was...

Woong TL's Story

I am battling depression myself and you are not alone. Together we can do this, one day at a time,...

Shan's Story

Work stress that causes anxiety disorder. Eg keep changing clothing like color etc. Work also slow down. Etc

Ginny 's Story

I did not know about mental health before

Dave's Story

Since I was 15 I had a dream that to travel to japan with my family, but in the end...

After Strom's Story

After years of self help and personal development, I thought I am strong enough and should never feel depressed again....

Ming's Story

Went to a mental health organisation before and did volunteer work. Not as scary as people deem them to be....

Hqm's Story

My mother is suffering from Dementia, and she is the violent type. I have to get use to her outbursts,...

鄞敏文's Story

I will ask them to volunteer with me. So that they will not think too much.

Miracle's Story

I have a neighbor's teenage kid who has this challenge. One time, when we were on the same lift, she...

Giselle Chen's Story

I always feel stress during school or at work, especially with my parents' expectations to meet and catching up with...

Huiting's Story

There needs to have public education about mental illness to reduce stigma. Follow up with a professional when needed.

Tan Zi Ying's Story

Feeling stress over life and find no meaning to live on since I will pass on anyway.

Fu Yonghuang's Story

I supported friends who are suffering from anxiety and depression. I saw how difficult it is for them to get...

Cindy's Story

Try to relax to ease the mind

@ Gïnæ @'s Story

Depression can be a hindrance to the people around us as it can effect quite substantially how people relate to...

Michelle Lim's Story

I was in depression & knew that I had to get help to overcome this illness

Tan Kah Wah's Story

Have experience stressful situations before

Kimi Tong's Story

I know someone who struggled with depression and anxiety

Gary's Story

I have been to places where they teach students with mental disorders and the Teachers there are really thoughtful and...

Chee Hong's Story