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Let’s end mental health stigma

Let’s end mental health stigma together!

Make a difference by pledging your commitment to change the way our community thinks about mental health issues and act against mental health stigma. Find out what others are pledging and be inspired to commit in your own ways!

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Mental illness isn't just about depression or anxiety. There's more than that and it is important for us learn and acknowledge it. We need to break the stigma and accept people that suffers from it. Amd to those that suffers from any type of Mental Illness please Stay strong and brave! You are not alone! We will be there with you fighting the struggles.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Be a better listener for those are troubled

Show more concern for friends. Console friends

Lead them to positive and be happy

People with mental illness need our acceptance and love, just like everyone of us. Let’s be a little kinder, a little more understanding because it is always possible.

I will share how mental health issues is part of our lives and how our acceptance can help people around us work towards recovery. When feeling down be sure to talk to someone!

Jia you and stay happy

help as much as we can

Stay positive and be happy always