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Ellie, the Mental Health Elephant

Ellie, the Mental Health Elephant, is the official mascot for the Elephant in Our Community public education campaign.

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The metaphor of an ‘elephant in the room’ refers to an obvious problem that people do not want to talk about. Similarly, although mental health issues are prevalent in our community, talking about them is often shunned and avoided.

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Come say Hello!

Mental Health, Let's Talk: Suicide

8 December 2019 at Aliwal Arts Centre
  • 1-5pm

Mental Health, Let's Talk: Suicide

An initiative by Shan You to educate and advocate on suicide through public conversation with persons impacted by this condition. Stay tuned for more information.


People have already
taken action
Let’s end mental health stigma together.

Make a difference by pledging your commitment to change the way our community thinks about mental health issues and act against mental health stigma.

Use hashtag #iamelliesg #mentalhealthletstalk to find and share our stories via social channels.

to educate myself more on the topic of mental health to be able help others struggling with mental illnesses. to always look on the positive side of things and not get too stressed, everything will be alright.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Don't give up! Stay positive! Know that you are not alone, everyone will always be there for you! Cheer up ! Believe in yourself!

Educate myself more with mental health related stuff so that I can talk more openly and share my knowledge to people around me.

Monday, December 3, 2018

i pledge to be more open minded to mental health issues and acknowledge their struggles and achievements --no matter how big or small-- with a big heart!

As an individual, I have shared my opinions with my friends and family and discussed with them about my opinions on mental health and the many misconceptions surrounding this topic. What I will do is to continue to spread and rise awareness among the people whom I know and hopefully they will be able to understand and do the same.

If you find that it is hopeless to continue living, know that there is always a way for you to live on. Look to Shan You for a counsellor.

Mental illness isn't just about depression or anxiety. There's more than that and it is important for us learn and acknowledge it. We need to break the stigma and accept people that suffers from it. Amd to those that suffers from any type of Mental Illness please Stay strong and brave! You are not alone! We will be there with you fighting the struggles.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Be a better listener for those are troubled

Show more concern for friends. Console friends

Stories from Our Community

Personal stories from people in our community who have been affected by mental health issues and/or stigma in one way or another.

It's suffocating that I'm suffering from schizophrenia and PTSD and no one understands the struggles to top it off I'm...

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I have always felt low for the longest time. Thought it was normal and life was just shitty. It came...

J's Story

I had anxiety and depression a few months back. It was a downward spiral when I started losing appetite, losing...

Mel's Story

Mental health issues are just like physical illnesses, like a flu. You will be ok. It should not be a...

Happy's Story

I was under depression when I was pregnant due to my husband's heavy grumbling and my sick mother. I have...

Jess's Story

I was depressed and suicidal for some time a few years ago. I was scared to seek help because I...

Angela's Story

My brother experienced high schizophrenic episodes while studying overseas under the PSC scholarship. Came back and was told that his...

Woong TL's Story

I am battling depression myself and you are not alone. Together we can do this, one day at a time,...

Shan's Story

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